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 Studies - Constructions

The combination of technical experience, creativity and advanced technologies enables the creation of plans and studies that meet the unique needs and requirements of each client. By analyzing project parameters and working with our clients, we create studies that include architecture, structural design, energy efficiency and advanced systems. Every detail is considered, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetics, combined with safety and practicality. Our studies are the foundation for the successful implementation of our projects. We are convinced that quality and a thoughtful approach to every challenge lead to upgraded constructions that offer practical value and aesthetic satisfaction to every customer.


The technical company MELAMPIANAKIS MANOLIS offers a specialized supervision service, which is the shield of safety and quality in every construction project. With professional supervisors who have the knowledge and experience, we ensure accuracy, standard compliance and smooth progress of every project. During supervision, we ensure that every detail is in line with the original design concept. We control the quality of materials, the accuracy of execution and the safety of processes, ensuring that each project is developed successfully and according to specifications. Our supervision service serves in every phase of the project, from the initial preparation to the final delivery. Whether it's a small build or a large professional project, our supervisors are by your side to ensure its ultimate success."

 Topographic Works

The MELAMPIANAKIS MANOLIS company offers a specialized surveying service that highlights the importance of precision in the field of construction. Surveying works are the foundation for the correct and safe execution of any project. Using advanced tools and technologies, our team performs accurate measurements and analyzes of soil and landscape. From preparing the ground for construction to planning infrastructure networks, we ensure the precision required for the successful implementation of each project. Our surveying team works closely with our clients, providing specialized solutions tailored to the needs of each project. With us, precision becomes experience and reliability becomes a foundation for building the future."

 Arbitrary Settlements

We guide our clients through the complex landscape of legislation and regulation, helping them rebuild their property with dignity and legality. Arbitrary settlements require complex procedures and specialized knowledge. Our team offers extensive consulting and support, helping clients successfully navigate through the necessary steps to legalize their assets. Respecting the environment and the law, we ensure that arbitrary settlements contribute to the proper development and preservation of real estate. With us, the regeneration of your property is a substantial investment towards a sustainable and legal future."

 Energy Certificates

Energy certificates are the way to sustainable and cost-effective energy consumption in buildings. Using specialized measurement and analysis methods, our team provides energy certificates that reflect the real performance of building systems. With knowledge of legislation and standards, we ensure compliance with requirements and highlight opportunities for improvement. Our energy certifications are tools for reducing energy consumption, improving performance and protecting the environment. We aim to achieve balanced solutions that promote sustainability, enhancing the quality of life and the value of your buildings."

Seismic controls

Seismic checks include detailed analyzes and tests to assess the resistance of structural elements to seismic forces. Our team, equipped with know-how and advanced tools, ensures that your structures meet the high standards of earthquake resistance. Seismic controls are essential to ensure the safety of people and structures. With our know-how and experience, we seek to strengthen the durability of your constructions and offer the necessary safety in case of seismic events."

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